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The Dazzling Spa Experience

for all Dawgs < 20lbs

Our Salon offers the most relaxing pet spa experience available to your small-breed dawgs.


With services like hydro-massage therapy, massaging aromatherapy, hot towel wraps, relaxing music and comfy runs to spend down-time in, your pet receives the best of care during it's entire stay.


We do not use tranquilizers, cage-drying methods or assembly-line grooming here. Each dawg is booked it's own entire appointment, carefully hand-dried and groomed start-to-finish. This typically takes about an hour's time, depending on your dawg's size, temperament and coat condition.


All of our spa dawgs are given the opportunity to have a little romp in a secure yard after their pampering. This often refreshes and relaxes a dog who may be stressed by the grooming experience.


Great care is taken at The Dazzling Dawg to create as pleasurable a grooming experience as possible!


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