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Our Facility Policies

Our highest priority is the tranquil environment we work so hard to offer our guests. We've put a few policies in place so that owners may assist us in this endeavor. 

ALL dawgs MUST be LEASHED outside of our securely fenced play yards.

Horses, chickens and cats reside on our property. Besides the safety issue our often busy road presents to your dawgs, we have valued livestock constantly moving throughout our yardsite. We adore our chickens as much as your dawg and an excited dawg has the serious potential to cause a serious accident to a horse and/or rider. Horses are skittish animals!


Please do NOT approach a fenced yard, either by yourself or with a your leashed dawg.

This causes many levels of frustration for our guests. From behind any fence, all dawgs feel the need to protect. Our goal is have established guests welcome the newest arrival with open arms - something that can be achieved by entering the yards through the salon/boarding building. Also, a group of dawgs within an enclosure can lash out at each other if one or more becomes too excited about stimulous outside the fence.


Please park at the salon/boarding building entrance.

Our appointments are booked back-to-back in an effort to keep vehicles from piling up. The North driveway accesses not only our private parking but also parking for our horse people. Additionally, parking up by our business entrance keeps the dawgs in the yards from getting excited by your arrival.


Appointment Times are Paramount.

Whether dropping your dawg off for a spa session or a stay at our resort, we carefully arrange our appointments to effect as little disruption as possible to everyone. Our personal schedules are also influenced by this effort. Arrival more than 15 minutes before or after a set appointment may result in a closed facility. PLEASE CALL AHEAD if you are running late.

Our Boarding Rates are As Follows*:


Regular Services



24 Hour Stay at our Resort                                      $33

7 Day Stay at our Resort                                         $198

There is no charge for the day if a dawg is Dropped Off after 4 pm or Picked up before 10 am.

Dawgy DayCare Services

1  Day of DayCare                                                  $30  

4 Days of DayCare                                                 $100


No half days offered at this time. 

A La Carte Services

Leashed Walk Off-Property - Solo                            $10

Leashed Walk Off-Property - Group                          $5

Bedtime Snuggle & Tuck-In                                     $3


Rates are the same for any sized dawg.


We do not offer multiple dawg discounts.

As a high-quality micro kennel, maintaining such small numbers of guests at any one time is our top priority.

Our Grooming Rates are As Follows**:

PLEASE NOTE: Prices stated below are generalisations based on The Dazzling Dawg's <25lb Policy. The Dazzling Dawg reserves the right to adjust pricing during hands-on assessment of the dawg to be groomed.


Bath & Clip - Small                                                  ~$50

Bath & Clip - Medium                                              ~$60

Bath & Clip - Large                                                  ~$70


Each Spa Session includes but is not limited to: a Massaging Bath, Plum Facial, Hot Towel Wrap, Clip, Style & Nail Trim - all in our relaxing spa setting. We groom by appointment only, straight through. From Start to Finish your dawg has our entire attention.

*Standard GST rates apply           **Standard GST & PST rates apply

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