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The Dazzling Country Resort

Just imagine! Your dawg's very own vacation - while you vacation!

This is what we endeavour to offer. We take the concreate and chain link out of dawg boarding and open our doors to rolling lawns, country vistas and warm, snuggly laps. All breeds & sizes of friendly dawgs are welcome!

Dig your toes into the grass!


Book your pooch for a holiday get-away at our Country Resort! 


We have a large shaded yard, a sand box to roll in, a kiddy pool to wade in, sunning decks to lounge on, tunnels to zip through and structures to climb on! 


Every effort is made to engage your dawg in our fun and relaxing environment!


Snuggle Down, Little Dawgy.


Each guest is given their very own private space during their stay. At 3x8, these cozy indoor runs give them ample room to stretch out in total relaxation and/or curl up on their very own snuggly dawgy beds. Relaxing music is played during their entire stay.


Bring along a blanket, toys and familiar treats from home to truly settle your dawg into their safe space at the end of a long day of play.


Only Friends, Here!


Our dawgy guests mingle and play with our own family members and have hours full of interaction with people and other carefully selected dawgs every day. There is no lonely isolation and boredom here!


A mandatory Tour & Interview is completed by all our new guests before their first visit to ensure dawgy compatibility and good times for all!


As a "micro kennel", we maintain only very small groups of guests for the ultimate quality control of interaction. There's no shortage of attention for any dawg who stays with us!


Educated, professional caregivers ensure your dawg has

a vacation as great as yours!

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